How to Promote your Business, your Logo and your Brand

How to Promote your Business, your Logo and your Brand

Posted by How Many Steps Inc. Collaborator

Get Logo Printed Umbrellas

A fantastic way of promoting your company without actually having to do any work, is to get some custom printed branded umbrellas. It is a strategy which can be vastly beneficial to your company’s visual exposure to the general public, and therefore your potential customers.  Umbrellas will make your company name really stand out from the crowd. One thing that The UK is really well known for is its weather. It rains, a lot! Most people will probably have an umbrella with them wherever they go, so use this untapped marketing strategy potential by getting your company’s logo emblazoned onto the canopy. Umbrellas are also really cost effective business promotional items, as they have no expiry date or limit to their shelf life, so why not purchase a large quantity, and you can easily store them away to give to your staff and customers whenever you want to. You can even use them when you go to networking events, and place them on your stand, so that everyone can see your logo from far away, thus drawing attention to your company. Why not give them away too whilst you are there. Potential clientele will be impresses by this high quality “freebie” and it will reflect well on your credibility as a company, and stand out against all the other giveaways such as magnets or pens etc.

Do Charity Work or Sponsor Local Sports Teams

One marketing strategy that many companies miss out on, is getting involved in charity work. Attending charity events, donating funds to good causes and being involved in charity work is an effective way to boost your business’ credibility, but at the same time your brand name. Another underused tactic is sponsoring a local sports team. It is a great PR tactic for small business. Every time the team plays, the name of your company will be on display for all the spectators to see.

Offer Incentives to you Staff

Referrals are a great to find new clients, and your staff provides a great opportunity to do that. Treat your employees by giving them vouchers, freebies and other business promotional items as incentives which involve your products and services, so they spread the word about how great your company is to friends and family.

Car Magnets for the Company Car

By putting a magnetic sign on your car, you can build brand awareness as you drive around town without having to do anything. Bumper stickers and window decals work as well! It is quite easy to buy printable magnets at most office supply shops, so this is a really cost effective way of business promotion.

Give Away Balloons at Local Events

Get a few hundred custom balloons printed with your business name, and take them with you to any event you attend. They are fund item to give out to any potential customers, and they then become an automatic walking advertisement for you without them having to do a thing.